Jerome Acks

Two Eyes
Dyed Canvas, Prizma Color Pencils and News Print Paper
30" x 38"
5 X 5 East to West From a Dark Site
Found Image, Acrylic, Ink Newsprint Paper, Vinyl Mesh on Canvas
37" x 33"
Xerox Transfer, Found Pedestal and Hand Made Coasters
31" x 24" x 24"
Spsss Spsss Spsss
Dyed Canvas, Raw Canvas, Xerox Transfer and Wood
65" x 53" x 72"
Stephen and Kipp
Ink, Acrylic, Glue, Oil Pastel on Canvas
36" x 34" x 38"
Nothing Including Light
Oil Gesso, Dyed Canvas and Wood
35" x 6' x 35"
Stuck Between Two Opposing Forces
Oil Gesso on Dyed Canvas
48" x 44"