Jerome Acks

The Inside Can Go Underneath
Acrylic on Canvas and Found Wood Crate
46" x 64" x 18"
Double Dense
Dyed Canvas, Graphote and Oil on Canvas
2 Canvas @ 20" x 20"
I Part to 10 Parts Compound
Dyed Canvas and Wood
42" x 24" x 36"
A Compact Region of Space time Whose Boundary is Topologically
Trivial But Whose Interior is Not Simply Connected
Dyed Canvas, Acrylic and Reflective Paper
15" x 20"
Fourth Planet From the
Canvas, Acrylic and Dyed Canvas
24" x 23"
Little Dark Secret
Dyed Canvas and Bleach
2 Canvases @ 27" x 29"
Peel #1
Acrylic on Digital Print
18" x 42"